Type:Cold & Hot Pressing Machine
Usage:Large vegetable oil extraction plant
Video outgoing-inspection:Provided
Max Capacity:50TPD
Color:White or Customized
Raw material:Soybean, Mustard, Sunflower and more

Our company is specialized in designing and manufacturing complete virgin coconut oil machine and related oil extraction machinery. Our highly experienced team of engineers designs these virgin coconut oil processing plants according to the CE requirement, our equipment is designed to achieve maximum oil extraction results.

Our complete turnkeyvirgin coconut oil processing machine philippines can process different raw materials like, mustard, coconuts, olive, sunflower, soybean, cotton seeds, castor seeds, rice bran, flaxseeds, sesame, peanuts, rape, cocoa etc. The cold press virgin coconut oil machine is one of the most popular in complete coconut oil plants. The capacity of our virgin coconut oil machine ranges 30~1500 tons per day. The extraction technology adopts mechanical pressing. Usually, the final extracted oil from virgin coconut oil processing plant will be filtered, pure, fresh, and with natural taste, color, and odor. With the rise of living standards, more and more people like to use this oil very much as natural oils. The main by-product is cake and which is used as a raw material of animal feed.

This virgin coconut oil machine can process a very wide range of vegetable seeds, including peanut, soybean, mustard seeds, rapeseed, copra, corn germ, rice bran, grape seed, and more.Continuously efficient oil extraction process for large scale vegetable oil productionCreate a good production environmentMinimize the total fat loss, increase oil yield and output and improve the quality of oil and oil cake.

The main sections of virgin coconut oil machine mainly contain oil-seeds pretreatment section, oil pressing section, and oil refining section. Our professional engineers will go to your factory location to help you with the whole installation process, ensure successful commissioning. In addition, we will also help to train operators about how to use and maintenance of all equipment. Since almost all our engineers have overseas installation experiences, they can solve the actual problems quickly and effectively.

Equipment of cold press virgin coconut oil machinePretreatment Equipment: used to pretreat the raw material include: shelling machine, Separating machine, Sieving machine, cooking machine, and flaking machineOil Extraction Equipment: oil pressing and oil extraction machinery, including oil press machines and large oil expellersOil Filtration and Refining Equipment: oil filter press and oil refinery machinery

Every set of equipment of cold press virgin coconut oil machine will be carefully inspected its quality and performances before packing and shipment. We will use professional hoisting equipment and transportation equipment to ensure there no damages during the delivery or transportation process. Anyway, if you buy your virgin coconut oil machine from us, there are no worries about the packing and shipment. Certainly, if you have any extra requirements about the packing, please let us know, we will try our best to meet your needs!